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We now cultivate 40 hectares of vines on the best hillsides on the left and right banks of the Serein, with 4 levels of appellation: PETIT CHABLIS, CHABLIS, CHABLIS PREMIER CRU and CHABLIS GRAND CRU.

Thanks to this prestigious family heritage, we now have the privilege of benefiting from a generous range of climates, enabling us to offer a rich range that reflects the typical characteristics of the different Chablis terroirs.

In order to make the most of the unique terroir that is Chablis, we have obviously turned to sustainable and organic farming. We favour working the soil to allow the root system to tap into the deepest richness of our soils.

Our Vieilles Vignes, planted in 1932, today reflect the quality of our work and the benefits of healthy agriculture.

By controlling yields, we are able to harvest concentrated, high-quality grapes that will bring all the complexity we are looking for in our wines.

In the vineyards and in the cellar, our policy is to let the original terroir of our wines express themselves, which is why we meticulously monitor our vintages so that we can intervene as little as possible in the making of our wines.

Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation allows the characteristics of each terroir to reveal their true nature.

At the estate, each cuvée has its own maturing process, to respect the unique and inimitable characteristics of each climate, while remaining attentive to the specific features of each vintage.

Tactile and lively, our wines are an exaltation of the complex and exceptional minerality of Chardonnay from Chablis.

Located in the very heart of Chablis, our winery reflects our image, combining tradition and modernity.


Family estate for 4 generations


40 hectares of vines

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The Chablis vineyard

The cellar and winery in the very heart of Chablis, where tradition and modernity coexist, are the image of a family proud of its know-how.

The Chablis vineyard
Chablis wines are made from a single grape variety, Chardonnay.

White Burgundy wines of exceptional quality, Chablis wines are made from a unique grape variety: Chardonnay.

They come under four names:

  • Petit Chablis,
  • Chablis,
  • Chablis Premier Cru,
  • Chablis Grand Cru.

These are distinguished by precisely demarcated plots, depending on the type of soil, exposure and specific production conditions.

The Chablis appellation is located on soils dating from the Secondary Jurassic era. The “Kimmeridgian” geological stratum is composed of marly limestone containing a very large quantity of marine fossils, including the main one, “Exogyra Virgula”, a small oyster, which plays an important role in the distinctive character of Chablis wines.

The Chardonnay grape expresses itself in Chablis like nowhere else, producing dry white wines that stand out for their purity, freshness, finesse and minerality.

It draws its personality and character from 150 million-year-old subsoil, and matures in ideal conditions in a semi-continental climate, achieving a fine balance between rich sugar content and freshness.

Petit Chablis

The delimited area of our Petit Chablis wines is located on the plateau of the Commune of Villy, to the north of Chablis, on soils of Barremian Oyster Marls from the secondary era, dating from 130 to 65 million years ago.


Our Chablis are grown on limestone soils from the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian and Portlandian eras.

Domaine Jean Collet’s Chablis wines are distinguished by their diversity of terroir. We are present on the oldest soils in the Chablis area, on the Left Bank in the Valvan valley, on the famous Pargues hillside, but also on the Right Bank where we find soils with more marl.

We also benefit from an invaluable genetic heritage in the commune of Villy, where our Vielles Vignes, a massal selection dating from 1932 and planted by Dominique Collet’s grandfather, are planted, as well as our parcel of Chablis “Les Truffières”, which was one of the first in 1999 to be classified as Organic.

Chablis Premiers Crus

The delimited area of Chablis Premiers Crus wines is located on limestone soils from the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian era, which are very rich in marine fossils, in particular Exogyra Virgula, a small oyster typical of Chablis soils.

The Collet family farms over 55% of its total surface area in the Chablis Premier Cru PDO.

Present on the left bank of the Serein in Montmains, Butteaux, Les Forêts, Vaillons and Sécher, as well as on the right bank in Mont de Milieu and Montée de Tonnerre.

Chablis Grands Crus

The Chablis Grands Crus hillside stretches out in a single crescent shape on the right bank of the Serein, overlooking the village of Chablis. Situated on limestone soils from the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian era, the plots of Chablis Grands Crus are very rich in marine fossils, in particular Exogyra Virgula, a small oyster typical of Chablis soils. The Grands Crus rise from this hillside at an altitude of 130 to 215 metres, and enjoy a unique exposure, mostly to the south-south-west.

At Domaine Collet, we are lucky enough to work with Chablis Grand Cru Valmur and Les Clos.

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